Saturday, December 5, 2015

Beyond The Sea

We watched a Kevin Spacey movie today called Beyond The Sea. It's about the singer Bobby Darin. A very interesting movie. His older sister was actually his mother. Unfortunately he died at age 37 with heart problems. I never knew he was the first singer that made Mack the Knife into a really big hit.

The Cubs signed John Lackey to a free agent contract. He's been a solid pitcher and his playoff record is outstanding. Nice signing!

Character actor Robert Loggia passed away at the age of 85. He was fabulous in Scarface.

Last night was fun. The girls love the Amy Schumer show. David, Gary and I hung around the house then we all went to The Standard across the street. Unfortunately Steve couldn't make it last night. The life of a UPS driver is no joke in December!!!


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