Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Foggy Memory

Holy cow! I completely forgot my blog yesterday. I once ran for 6 1/2 years every single day until one day I just forgot. Last night we had a basketball game and St. Marcus won. Coco played his best game ever making a tough bucket surrounded by 3 guys and his defense was astounding. Some kid became a little frustrated and grabbed his shirt and Coco actually threw him down to the ground. No foul called by the refs and you gotta love that!

The Downer Theater turns 100 this month. It's another classic gem just small but does a great business. I plan on going there to see Trumbo as it looks like an astounding movie.

Saw part of a special on the building of the Golden Gate Bridge. They actually installed a net under part of it to minimize worker's falling to their death. Note that they stressed minimize not eliminate. Corporations are always about dollars and sense and never about heart and souls!


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