Monday, December 14, 2015

Adele Is Coming

What a busy day. An oil change, bed bath and beyond for Krissy, post office, UPS, basketball practice and some writing. I knew I was tired when I walked to the back door and tried to open it with the car fob!

On the news today I heard coat sales were way down. They'll practically be giving them away after Christmas which at this rate is when it might get cold. It was in the 50's here today and I saw tons of people without a coat. I'm talking short sleeve t-shirts. Last year it was single digits I believe at this point!

Cherry trees in the D.C area are even blooming. I'm hoping I can still get cherries next year.

Big game for Coco and the Mustangs tomorrow night as they put their 2 1/2 year unbeaten string on the line!

Adele just announced her North American tour. The closest dates to us are in Chicago and St. Paul where she opens. I noted that she plays in Arizona in the middle of August very close to Angela and John. She plays indoors so maybe I could ignore the 110 outside!


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