Saturday, December 19, 2015

Four Minute Blog

Such a busy day and so pressed for time. Up early taking Krissy to her spin class then running errands all day. I did make it to Otto's Beverage Center for a Cannonball. It's a Captain Morgan rum in a cannonball for a gift. If I had my way I would give a cannonball t everybody as a gift. The heck with boots and sweaters and video games.

Coco had a birthday/skating party to attend. He never skated before but held his own. He grew an inch the last couple days and his shins hurt before skating. Maybe there's a couple more coming!

Off to The Knick with Angela and John to see Five Card Stud. Then up early to visit relatives in Illinois. It's that time of year and if something important in the world happened today then I missed it!


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