Friday, December 18, 2015

Moe, Larry, Cheese

I said the above referenced title to Krissy last night and she had no idea what I was talking. No idea! Naturally, everybody else knows that it's a line from a 3 Stooges episode. Everybody knows that!!!

There's a Broadway musical coming out in 2017 based on the music of Jimmy Buffett. His venture titled 'Don't Stop the Carnival' didn't do so well. It was based on the Herman Wouk novel which was among Jimmy's favorite books. I have a copy but it's still in my to read pile. Maybe I'll start that one next. Wouk also wrote the Caine Mutiny.

I saw on television this morning that they have a new 'earthquake' bed out. It actually folds up like a box with you in it if you press a button and it saves you from falling debris. It actually looked more dangerous than an actual earthquake!

I see where Congress passed a bill to allow U.S companies to export oil. We finally produce more than enough oil for our own use and now we're sending it overseas so oil companies can make more money internationally, lower the supply here and gauge us again. Gas prices finally went under 2 bucks a gallon and these clowns in Congress wouldn't let their oil buddies down. Say hello to a 3 handle again next year folks!


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