Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Don Julio Coma

You have to love the Holiday season. Krissy tried out here new Don Julio last night in some of her homemade margaritas. It's her own recipe through trial and error and it's pretty darn good. Anyway, she slept well last night. Much better than me!

John and I went to Jack's Pub for lunch around 2 then met the girls at the Roman Coin for happy hour with the puggles Frank and Pete. Such a great afternoon then when Coco came over I grabbed him and we played 3 games of pool. He had a blast and he thinks we should do that every Wednesday night!

Then home eating leftovers and watching Adele Live from New York for the second time. I've heard a lot of great singers and entertainers in my time but I have to say she just might be the best there ever was at the ripe old age of 27. Such a talented and likeable person also. I don't say that lightly as legends such as Sinatra, Dean Martin and Etta James were fantastic and legendary. But, she just might seal the deal for generations to come she's that damn good!

I'm making tea and going to bed. Coco just asked if he could play video games and fall asleep on the couch. Sure, why not, it's Christmas time!


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