Monday, December 28, 2015

It's An Ice Storm

We started off with about 3 inches of snow now it's just freezing rain coming down. Our road looks like a giant ice sheet.

Meadowlark Lemon passed away yesterday. I saw the GlobeTrotters as a kid and we stopped after the game for a burger at a fast food joint. The GlobeTrotters stopped in ten minutes later and I met and talked to all of them including Meadowlark. A terrific guy as all of them were. Tired and hungry they signed autographs for the whole crowd. A truly class act. He was legendary!

Speaking of a class act that can't be said for Clay Matthews. I watched the Packers game yesterday and Clay Matthews reached down to help Carson Palmer up but abruptly pulled his hand back. Palmer threw a touchdown pass a minute later. I did something like that my junior year of high school. My coach made me write a letter of apology and hand deliver it the next day. Told me if I did anything like that again I'd be off the team. Nothing will happen to Matthews though but he's a punk in my book.

An excellent holiday party Saturday night. I won a bottle of Mad Dog in the booze exchange. It's bright orange in a cheap bottle and it's on reserve for our summer party. It's going to be iced down and served in shot glasses. Heck, maybe I should just put it outside today!


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