Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy NYE

Krissy made a great dinner and we're getting ready to go out. Traffic is nuts in our neighborhood and parking at a premium. Tomorrow will be just as busy just before a busy weekend. Normal won't begin to Monday!

NFL Hall of Famer Doug Atkins passed away yesterday. All the old timers will swear that he was the best defensive end ever. He actually has the season sack record but technically he doesn't because sacks weren't a statistic until the early 80's. They went back and watched the tapes and old Doug had around 22 in a shortened season. You know he was a tough guy when his fellow team members said ick Butkus was only the second toughest guy on the Bears in the 60's. Another Chicago icon and legend that will be missed. Thanks for being a Monster of the Midway!

Thanks to everyone for reading the blog again this year. Today completes my second full year as I started on January 1st in 2014. So many wonderful people from over 40 countries have been so kind and I wish you all a heartfelt Happy New Year for 2016.

Stay safe out there!


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