Monday, December 7, 2015

Pearl Harbor Day

Pearl Harbor happened on this day in 1941. My friends mother was actually born that very day. There's still a few vets around from that day and they are all in their 90's.

There's a new snow leopard in the Milwaukee Zoo. He should love this weather and I'm sure the snow will come soon!

Summerfest has a new 5 day pass special that costs the same as a 3 day pass. I think we'll jump on that deal. Last year we paid twice as much for the season pass and went 7 times but the lineup wasn't particularly strong for us so we'll try the 5 and see how that works out.

The Cubs re-signed Trevor Cahill after a stron October showing. I feel good about the team even if they don't make another move. Sometimes you're best move is the one that you don't do.

All the talk lately about the Iowa Caucuses. An awful lot of importance placed for about 122,000 that actually vote. It can make or break a candidate and as far as I'm concerned it's an antique of a way to vote if it even made sense back then. You actually have to show up at a person's house, hang around the entire evening then stand up and announce your vote. Really???? What jackass invented this method, Donald Trump!!!


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