Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Anglin Brothers

You know it' a weird wild day when a guy like Dick Cheney won't even stand up for Donald Trump and his whacky mouth. Trump still looks like the favorite to win the GOP and even if he doesn't he'll run as a third party I predict.

The Cubs traded Starlin Castro to the Yankees for a decent pitcher and signed free agent Ben Zobrist who can play just about every position. I'm going to miss Starlin but in Theo I trust because he's turned the Cubs around very quickly.

I watched a new special on the Alcatraz prison escape on the History Channel I believe and it was a good one. There's some decent proof especially photographs that an expert believes to be the brothers long after the escape living in Brazil.

Apparently, they body surfed using stolen cables hooked to the midnight guard boats rudder and made their way to shore quite easily. Get this, there was a witness at the time who saw people coming ashore in Frisco but he was quickly dismissed as not being reliable. The U.S Marshall in charge looked at all the evidence and concluded on the photograph evidence that he believed it to be the Anglin Brothers, John and Clarence living in Brazil. The FBI had received tips that the brothers were living there 3 years after the escape but never followed up due to extradition laws. Fascinating stuff!


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