Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Arrieta Wins Cy Young

Congrats to Jake Arrieta on winning the NL Cy Young Award today making it 3 official awards in 3 days for the Cubs. What a week and the future looks bright!

Coco and Krissy commented on my briefcase today. Yes, it is a James Bond Zero Halliburton briefcase that Pierce Brosnan used in a Bond movie which I believe was Tomorrow Never Dies and Daniel Craig also used in Quantum of Solace.

Aaron Rodgers has a bum throwing shoulder and is on the injury report list. This means that he will probably have a great game on Sunday.

Doug Flutie's parents passed away less than an hour apart today. His father from a heart attack in the hospital and his mother somewhere else. My friends grandparents passed away 3 days apart when I was a kid and I thought that was close together. Doug Flutie is a heck of a great guy so condolences to his family. When he played for the Bears he hung out with my friends and I at Sluggers Bar and Grill in Vernon Hills, IL. He didn't know anybody else and he would play sports games especially wall ball and talk to anyone who approached him. I was actually an inch taller than him. 

On a further sidetrack, I was landing at Logan Airport in Boston for a National Championship race when he threw a famously long touchdown pass to win a game for Boston College. The plane almost flipped over with loud screams when the pilot announced it. Yep, it was full of Boston College fans!


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