Sunday, November 8, 2015

Going British

I'm not sure why but I can't go without my afternoon tea lately. I started that about a month ago when the temps dipped now I find myself making myself tea every afternoon to take the chill off like the Brits!

I keep hearing about people cooking pizza on the grill. I've never tried that before and it's a bit late in the grilling season to try it but I will give it a shot next year for what it's worth.

The Key West World Championship powerboat races start today and go through November 15th. That's going to be a lot of speed down there this week.

In 1939 the United States had only the 19th largest armed services in the world. Then the war started and we quickly built it to number one and we've been spending tons ever since to keep it that way.

Enjoy the new week!


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