Friday, November 6, 2015

JB Going To Havana

A busy but uneventful friday. I did catch part of a documentary on the Unabomber. I still remember how big that was when they finally caught him. The guy had a genius IQ but still couldn't couldn't remember a popular saying and he wrote it wrong in his manifesto which is how his brother recognized it was him.

Coco and I are watching the Curse of Oak Island marathon. It's an island off Nova Scotia with a buried treasure on it and possibly the Holy Grail. The producer is Ken Burns of the famous documentary fame and they people involved are all scientists and intelligent people putting a lot of time and money into their exploration.

Jimmy Buffett played at the Parrot Head convention in Key West Thursday night. I heard he played a whole album which seems to be the trend these days which I think is pretty cool. On Saturday night he will be playing in Havana, Cuba which is even cooler. Nobody could have imagined that a couple years ago!


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