Friday, November 27, 2015

Green Friday

With all the rain we received these last 2 weeks it's quite green out for this time of year. I'm still feeling good about that Bears victory last night!

A rather uneventful day except for the right rear blinker going out on the Jeep. It does tell you though on the dashboard that it's out. Not an expensive repair but getting the tail light cover off was a time consuming event. No screws but plugs that you have to pry off. Very bizarre.

I even took a trip to the mall. Not really that crowded and parking still available. I'm betting online sales were huge!

We've been watching that Hunting Hitler show on the History Channel. Out of all the shows this one has some validity to it rather than rampant speculation. I've been doing some research on it and many people at the time felt like Hitler did indeed escape. Argentina seems to be the popular landing ground for him if it happened.

Now Coco and I are putting a Hot Wheel track together. Talk about a company making some green!!!!


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