Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Wussification Of America

First, I'd like to give a big kudos to the City of Milwaukee for moving the Bastille Days Eiffel Tower down to City Hall with amazing lights and a beautiful tribute to Paris. It backs up traffic at night but I don't care it's really cool. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to take a photo yet.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence is a real piece of crap with feet. A family of Syrian refugees with a 5 year old child were basically kicked out of Indiana today despite being vetted SINCE 2012 after fleeing from Syria in 2011. They could be bombers you know! I have more faith and trust in the FBI and Homeland Security than any backwards ass country fool of a Governor and I'm from a town of 200 people so no emails please. I give a big kudos to Governor Malloy and the fine people of Connecticut for immediately taking them in.

Ben Carson the brain surgeon from idiotsville compared the refugees to Rabid Dogs today then blamed the media for reporting that. Hey Ben, if you don't like what's being reported then quit staying stupid shit. Have a nice Thanksgiving dinner with Governor Pence and your Army of guards because you seem to be afraid of everything.

Is this what America has come to? It seems that way for 50% of the population who just seem to love the weapon of fear. We live in a world where every kid gets a trophy and the NFL has become a touch football league. Does my best stock pick next year have to be the makers of Depends?

The Gettysburg Address was delivered 152 years ago today by Abraham Lincoln. The so called Party of Lincoln would make him puke in his coffin today. Lincoln was a tough guy who didn't panic and over react every time something went wrong.

Do the words on the Statue of Liberty mean anything to 50% of this country or was it merely a suggestion? Oh by the way, it was given to us by France. Get tougher America before I start investing in diapers and Depends!


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