Monday, November 16, 2015

USS Milwaukee

The USS Milwaukee is down at the lakefront this week for tours as it's being commissioned. It's a Navy ship built with speed with 4 water jet engines instead of a typical prop boat.

The Key West Film Festival starts Wednesday and goes through the 22nd. Papa will premiere there as it's the new bio film about Hemingway. I haven't been able to find a release date yet but I will be there to see it. It was actually filmed in Cuba.

Ken Burns has a documentary about Hemingway in production. It won't be ready for viewing until 2019. He has around 100 working ideas for documentaries.

Kris Bryant officially won the National League Rookie of the Year award today by unanimous vote. He had quite a year!

Ron White is making another Milwaukee appearance. Krissy took me a couple years ago for my birthday to see him and it was a great show.

Local legend David Monroe passed away late last week. Krissy actually used to work with him at the Milwaukee Public Museum. He's often been described as the local intellectual who was a great DeeJay as he spun records in several clubs over the years. All the local blogger comments say the same thing. That he always had a bunch of books and papers under his arm and that he was a very intelligent guy who passed away from cancer too soon. I regret never meeting the man as I enjoy talking to people about various topics especially if they are off the wall. Apparently he had a sense of humor as his very last Facebook posting says "David Monroe mourns the death of  David Michael Monroe." I always admire those that leave this earth with a final chuckle.


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