Wednesday, November 4, 2015

It's Basketball Time Again

I attended the mandatory parents meeting for St. Marcus tonight. It was a huge turnout. Basketball is certainly King at St, Marcus. This will be Coco's third season with his team and they are undefeated in both years.Yes, they've never lost a game. They are a true joy to watch and a few refs have commented that they've never seen a team that good at that age in 40 years of being a ref. That's something!

No Bond movie tonight. Too busy with other things so we'll go this weekend.

Marco Rubio was accused of improperly charging personal items to a State of Florida government credit card years ago. In an effort to clear his name he stated that it wasn't a credit card but an American Express charge card. Oh, ok, it's all good then! Really??? Once a lawyer always a lawyer I guess. He blamed the travel agent for using the wrong credit card for a $10,000 family reunion that lasted 4 days. That's a lot of coin for 4 days to see some relatives but I was wondering why the travel agent was going through your wallet to pick a card instead of yourself. Oh, was it American Express? Cause then it's all good! You fricking politicians are a joke these days! 


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