Saturday, November 7, 2015

Spectre Review From Milwaukee

Coco and I went to the Oriental to see Spectre this afternoon. Krissy went to Stevens Point with her family to visit her nephew Dom so we were solo. 

I'd rate it very good but not quite as good as Skyfall which I thought was brilliant. All 4 of the Daniel Craig movies are intertwined unlike anything else in the series. Sure, some of the same bad guys and Spectre were in other films but the Craig series played out almost real time in sequence for movies if that makes any sense.

I've always been certain that Craig would be back for at least one more if not two more films as that would really solidify him as the "best" Bond ever for a lot of people. At least a threat to Sean Connery who is the most popular for sure. I've actually enjoyed every single Bond in their own way. I was a big Pierce Brosnan fan as I give him credit for reviving the series after they stopped filming for a while. For the record, as most people know I own every Bond movie, have seen them all at least double digits except for From Russia With Love. I own numerous books, soundtracks, have a Bond suit and two expensive pairs of Bond sunglasses one of which was on the set of a Bond movie and I had to order them from a place in England. I even own a Bond lunchbox. 

Anyway, the way Spectre ended and recent comments from Daniel Craig makes me double think that he will make any more Bond films. If he does I'm sure it will only be one more now. I can tell that he's noticeably aged since he started filming Casino Royale just over 10 years ago. He's only made one other good film besides the Bond films in that time period so he probably wants to prove a point.

I watched the full credits carefully because they always indicate for sure if another one is coming out and sometimes even the  title. There was none of that which will lead to a lot of speculation on another audition for the next James Bond. There's only two things I know for sure. There will be another great James Bond movie and I'll be taking my high school aged son to that one. Yikes!


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