Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Happy Days

Coco is finally recovered from his stomach illness and looks ready to get back to a normal life. We watched an episode of Happy Days last night. He had never seen the show before. He recognized Henry Winkler from something else he saw on television but had no idea who 'Fonzie' was. I was kind of shocked. It was one of the most popular shows off all time and when I was his age everyone knew the 'Fonz.' 

The Parrothead convention starts tomorrow in Key West. Jimmy Buffett fans from around the world converge upon Key West for a week's worth of fun and music. You know you're doing well when when people have a convention for you and you're still alive and/or not imaginary like Batman or James Bond who's convention they hold in California every year.

Congrats to new House Speaker Paul Ryan who's first action was to move up the August House recess 2 weeks so they have a total of 7 weeks off straight instead of just 5. These guys hardly work as it is. I have no idea what we pay them for. There's not even a good convention in July for these bums to go to!


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