Sunday, November 1, 2015

Now It's Xmas Time

Yep, the Christmas commercials were pouring out of the television today right after Halloween ended. I hope they back off it for a while but I doubt it. We're hitting 70's a lot this week so I'm not really in the spirit yet!

The Bears defense gave away their game against the Vikings in the 4th quarter today. Plus another punt got returned for a touchdown. The season is officially done.

Halloween was interesting last night. Brady Street looked more like Duval or Bourbon Streets. A lot of great costumes and expensive also. Somebody had a Dark Crystal costume like looked eerily real and he or she won first place at the Nomad. Unfortunately a reveler dressed up in a Captain America costume drowned just down the street early in the morning at the marina. We saw several Captain America's last night and I'm not really sure if it was one we saw. Halloween and NYE and ST. Patrick's Day all have had fatalities by drowning in the last few years. Time to take a step back and think a little harder I think. Fun should be fun but don't go overboard.


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