Saturday, November 21, 2015

Some Like It Hot

What a cold day. About 27 degrees and a crunchy 5 inches of snow like mid January.

My Dad, Dee, Krissy, Coco and I went to the German Christmas event at the Pabst Brewery. What a magnificent compound of old buildings. Coco purchased a hand blown white Christmas ornament. He really likes Christmas ornaments for some reason.

We met a guy there with his wife and he's a huge Trump fan. Really big fan in no uncertain terms.

Krissy made her homemade stew and we played cards. Then we watched Some Like It Hot, a 1959 movie with Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon and Marilyn Monroe and directed by the legendary Billy Wilder. What a great movie and I had never saw it before.

Interesting though was that Jack Lemmon has some Jim Carrey like mannerisms back then. Obviously Carrey picked them up from Jack Lemmon somewhere along the route. Looking outside the window now wishing I was somewhere hot!


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