Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Long Short Walk Towards Bieberville

What a fantastic chicken and spicy sausage Krissy made for dinner. We went out for 'just' a walk around 1pm but stopped at the Y Not because we heard they remodeled the classic bar. Wow, the bar is like cut in half and pushed up against the wall and new coolers installed. Somehow, they forgot to clean the ceiling or the floors. We were at Nick's House on friday night which is affiliated with this bar and was featured on Bar Rescue. It has the same feel. I'm all for dive bars but a little soap and water once every 30 years might be nice people!

We ended up at the Roman Coin and took some photos of the many dogs. My favorite belongs to a couple going to Old San Juan Puerto Rico in a couple weeks. What a great place with the narrow streets, fabulous restaurants and the famous forts. They even have a rain forest if one wants to go inland.

John Mellencamp is coming to the Riverside Theatre on June 5th. Everyone I like is coming to Milwaukee this year, where last year was kind of slow. Spread it out a bit so I can afford it

please. I'm glad all the classic bands are coming though. I've seen close to 500 first rate shows at premium dollars in my lifetime. I expect that they will die soon and I will just quit going to any shows so I'm trying to get them all in. Seriously, music has changed a lot in my lifetime and I really don't see myself egging houses with Justin Bieber in 20 years. Sad really, not about egging the houses cause that's fun but the music will just suck!

Pretty Dog On Bar Stool

My Muse

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