Monday, March 30, 2015

The Adidas Miss

Michael Jordan badly wanted to sign with Adidas as he was approaching the NBA draft but they turned him down. They said he was too short, they only wanted centers and power forwards to wear their shoes. So he had to settle with Nike and the Air Jordans became the best selling shoe of all time. No word on whatever happened to the brilliant Adidas executive who made that move, but whatever, Phil Knight at Nike made a mint out of that blunder.

This was the same time that I received some money for my graduation and wanted to buy some Nike stock. My mom called a stockbroker who advised against it. He didn't think it would do anything. It quadrupled in less than a year. Maybe the stockbroker liked Adidas better but I never sought his useless advice again!

Coco is taking guitar lessons. It can't be any worse than the piano lessons I imagine.

I found my palm tree shower curtain in a basement box. Somehow it was misplaced in my last move over 8 years ago!

The snow is almost gone. The fountain at the Trocadero has a bit of ice still standing even though the fountain is working again.

The black and white cat made his first appearance in the backyard today. He's a large sucker who just hangs around in our yard all day when the weather is good.

Two more days until Jimmy Buffett plays his free concert in Key West. He's even having a big screen installed on Higgs Beach free to anybody who wants to watch. He's never forgotten the people who gave him his first break.


Trocadero Fountain

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