Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Continental Is Coming Back

After 13 years the Lincoln Continental is coming back. My neighbors had one when I was a kid. I loved riding in it. The quietest car that I've ever been in. Let's hope they bring it back in style.

Coco is back on the honor roll track for the third quarter. Not the high honor roll that we were getting accustomed to but still good. He played a little of his guitar for me after school. Very little but I smiled none the less. He's only had 2 lessons so far so I'm sure he will get better.

The 6 month lobster season comes to an end today in Key West. Overall, they say it was a pretty good season which should help the locals out quite a bit.

A big welcome to Argentina as they become the 32nd country to visit the blog! Thank you.

It's official. The Rolling Stones are coming to Milwaukee on June 23rd. They play at the Summerfest grounds the day before the big gig opens. It's their first Milwaukee appearance in 10 years and I did indeed see that show. It was more like a 70's type bare bones show and I loved it.

They are trying to crackdown on the panhandlers in Milwaukee complete with fining the panhandlers. Yes, that ought to solve the problem. There's a better chance that I buy a brand new Continental before the city collects those fines!


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