Monday, March 16, 2015

Bravo Oregon

Kudos to Oregon Governor Kate Brown for coming up with a noble idea that should please all the politicians. Everybody in the DMV database automatically becomes a registered voter if they are old enough. They also get a 21 day opt out period. No more long messy lines to register for voting. In these days of technology someone should have come up with this idea sooner to make sure every citizen has their constitutional right to vote instead of trying to take it away.

It's over 60 degrees here today and we went for a walk this afternoon. Krissy is icing her bad ankle while I'm making some ribs in the oven.

Oil is at a 6 year low at just over 42 bucks a barrel. it looks like it's going under 40 bucks for sure. Some big oil guys are really taking it in the shorts. Enjoy my friends as I have no love or respect for any of you gluttons!

The ice and snow is disappearing fairly fast. Check out the river photos.


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