Monday, March 23, 2015

Cruz Control

It was snowing when I picked up Krissy and Angela up at the airport. I had to park far away and Krissy was wearing open toed shoes in 28 degree weather. Yes, I heard about it. The snow flurries were minimal and it melted fast under the sun. Great to have her back and we had lunch at Bel Air after she unpacked. I'll post her photos tomorrow. She was missed by many including me. She's a legend!

Normal early spring weather is the forecast for the next ten days or so. We won't be unpacking the summer gear just yet.

Summerfest announced their 7th headliner leaving 4 more to go. A rapper by the name of Kendrick Lamar will be on the main stage. So far it seems like an overall weak lineup but the side stages will hopefully have some good bands.

A hideout was discovered deep in the Argentina jungle with 1940 German artifacts and coins. They believe it was setup to be a Nazi hideout but Argentina welcomed the Nazi's with open arms so it wasn't needed. It's so deep in the jungle that it was almost invisible with grown over foliage and vines. Imagine what else could be out there.

Ted Cruz announced his bid for the Presidency today at Liberty University. It was mandatory for the students to attend. So much for personal freedom I guess. A lot of students right behind the stage were visible wearing Rand Paul t-shirts. Maybe someone should revisit the mandatory requirement? After all, it's how the Nazis started.


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