Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Arizona Photo Montage

Another mid 30's day but at least the sun was out. We got the computer back and it's much faster now!

The news is all over that plane crash. Within an hour of the crash they had the aviation experts on television talking about possible causes before they even found the crash site. It's like they are on standby waiting for the next crash and it goes on all day long!

The Bears had a big day signing 3 defensive players, Ray McDonald, Mason Foster and Jarvis Jenkins. All 3 of them can play so I'm liking it.

Finally uploaded a few of Krissy's Arizona pics. Look at  those grapefruits! 


Krissy picked these lovely grapefruits and brought them home in her suitcase!

At the hotel relaxing w/ a tiny beer

spring training! 

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