Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Badgers Hang On

Boy, what a game as the Badgers beat a good a North Carolina team. The bars were packed early as people heading out to watch the game. I'm sure Saturday will be even bigger as they face the winner of Xavier and Arizona.

Speaking of North Carolina, late great North Carolina coach Dean Smith left 200 bucks to every letterman in his will for a dinner on him. He coached for 36 years so he had quite a few. Such a nice gesture to remember all of these players who brought a lot of joy and success into his life and vice versa. A legend in so many ways.

I picked up Coco and his sister Simone after school today. It's pretty hilarious when I see them together as they have a lot of the same mannerisms and sense of humor.

Shame on Congressman Aaron Schock for comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, you little prick! Lincoln never ripped off and stole like you from the good people in his district. You were more interested in fame and magazine covers, Lincoln just wanted to help people. Plus, you took photos on the House Floor today which is against House rules. Ignorance of the rules is your modus operandi. Or, you just don't care. You'd rather be a Kardashian than a congressman. You lived 200 miles from where Abraham Lincoln grew up. I visited Graceland once. It doesn't make me Elvis asshole!


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