Friday, March 27, 2015

The Paris Hilton Petition

It's hard to make people wake up in a bad mood on a friday. Unless you wake up to a light blanket of snow like we did. The mid 20's sun has melted most of it but just as you think we turn a corner the weather takes a dive. The next warm up starts monday.

A big welcome to Turkey as they become the 30th country to visit my blog. Thanks for the support.

Radio Shack is trying to sell their customer's contact information as they are under bankruptcy protection. It kind of makes you regret giving them your zip code when you made a simple battery purchase.

Paris Hilton has been named a side stage headliner as she will be performing some DJ show. There's actually an online petition to get Summerfest officials to drop her act. I've noticed that the two people behind the petition are from out of state so I'm not sure why it's any of their business unless they are coming in for the Fest. Actually, my beef isn't with Paris Hilton but it's the Disc Jockey part. Summerfest is a live music festival, the only canned music should be between shows at Jo Jo's Martini Stage. I'm not sure why they went this route. Even more puzzling is why nobody has started a petition to get rid of Weird Al Yankovic!

Krissy is home so me might go out for happy hour. Probably to the Roman Coin or the Standard where there isn't a chance of running into a disc jockey!


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