Thursday, March 19, 2015

Robin's Nest

Rumor has it that President Obama bought a new house in Hawaii. Rumor has it that it's Robin's Nest which was bought by a Chicago corporation with ties to the President. It was the house built in 1933 that every episode of Magnum P.I. was filmed at. One of my all time favorite shows.

March Madness starts today. Vegas is nuts this time of year as i've been out there 3 times for the tournament action. The oddsmakers are so good, most games within a point of the spread either way. Those casinos didn't build themselves!

Took Krissy and Angela to the airport at 4am this morning. They come back monday. I forgot how quiet it is that early.

I've been working on the second draft of my book. It's harder than I thought and taking a bit more time than I planned.

Still no confirmed date yet on jimmy Buffett. The rumor mill is next to nothing which has me concerned. Usually there's some good information out there but I'm just hearing August 22nd. That will work if that's it. Who am I kidding, any summer date works, it's Jimmy!


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