Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Escape Room

The Escape Room is coming to Milwaukee and Wauwatosa. It's a big theme room that people pay 30 bucks to go into and find a way to escape. It started in a basement of a laser tag establishment in Des Moines, Iowa. It only started a few months ago last December and they have 611 of them already. It sounded kind of strange at first but they get rave reviews. It kind of sounds like a combination of an Agatha Christie novel and a video game.

Cold and windy today. I walked to the post office and to Coco's school today and it was bone chilling. 

Wells Fargo in Milwaukee is laying off over 1000 people and closing there facility here. I know about 10 of these people personally. Wells Fargo has been making billions of bucks not to mention help from the Federal Government when they needed it a few years back. Trickle down, some idiots still believe it works!

I took another look at the Summerfest sidestage schedule. I'm still not that impressed but there are a few bands I'm itching to see. The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Buddy Guy, The Isley Brothers, Sheryl Crow and the Doobie Brothers who I saw a few years ago and it was a great show. Also, I plan on supporting the free stages this year as they have some wonderful musicians just playing for tips. They don't get no trickle down neither!


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