Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Wednesday After

Such a nice St. Patrick's Day yesterday. We started at the Roman Coin which was pretty quiet until 4pm. In fact, it was pretty quiet everywhere until late afternoon which is unusual compared to years past. The County Clare had the annual heated tent in their parking lot with bands all day long. The $5 entry fee all goes to Children's Hospital and not once have I heard anyone complain about. We actually ordered Chinese food when we got home last night.

Rest in peace Mr. Jack Haley who passed away at the age of 51. A heckuva nice guy who was a member of the 95-96 Chicago Bulls team which set the NBA record for wins going 72-10 which I predicted that year after the Bulls acquired Dennis Rodman. People called me crazy but they did it!

Coco is back at school after having some terrible asthma problems sunday and monday.

Chris Borland retired after 1 year of playing in the NFL. He was a star in the making and he wasn't hurt. But he was worried about getting hurt and his health was more important to him than millions of dollars. It seems to be a trend of players not playing as long as they used to. What I don't understand it the youth football craze with little grade schoolers playing all out tackle ball in pads. I truly believe the human body has only so many hits in it. Every human has a different number they can absorb so why waste it as a 4th grader. At least wait until high school.


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