Friday, April 18, 2014

Good Good Friday

Krissy made a blackened tilapia last night. It was very tasty and had a nice kick to it. I bought a mango sorbet that made the perfect desert for it. This afternoon, we'll be doing a Brady Street happy hour which is typical for a friday jaunt followed by dinner at Carson's Ribs to use a groupon. I can't wait.

The post office and most businesses are open today. Wall Street and the stock markets are closed though. Look for a nice uptrend in the markets next week with a lot of tech companies reporting some good earning reports.

The Chicago Blackhawks lost a tough playoff game to St. Louis last night in triple overtime. The Hawks scored 3 goals in the first 8 minutes then never scored again in the last 82 minutes. I attended a Hawks game once at the old Chicago Stadium and 3 goals were scored within the first minute and a half. No other goals were scored in the entire game. I missed every goal standing in a beer line with no television in site. Some luck huh?

Some people are all up in arms over the announced sequel to "Mrs. Doubtfire" starring Robin Williams who is committed to the sequel. People in general aren't fond of sequels because they usually turn out inferior to the original. I always thought it was an overrated movie myself and considered it a ripoff of "Tootsie" starring Dustin Hoffman which I thought was a vastly superior movie.

No decisions made yet on the sunday desert dilemma. I found my cookbook but most deserts were very exotic or just too much chocolate. Many people will argue that there is no such thing as too much chocolate but my palate tells me so. We'll go to the grocery story tomorrow and figure it out. I'm hoping to find some fresh raspberries and then go from there. Gotta run now. All fridays are good for a reason!


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