Sunday, April 27, 2014

Laughing Last

Another overcast day but we had a great time at the Coalition of Photographic Arts in Milwaukee. It's part of the Gallery Fest weekend. Krissy's mom Joanne has a couple of spectacular photos on exhibit. Jen and Ashley made the trip down from West Bend. We finished up with great mexican lunch at Bel Aire. Some photos of the photos are at the end of the blog.

The Bulls dropped another playoff game this afternoon to trail 3-1 in the series. It's win or go home for the season on tuesday night.

Congrats to George Clooney on his engagement that leaked out today.

It's clean and organize the bedroom time for Coco today. We get to make a gingerbread house tonight if he does a decent job. It's a five hour job. He finds some misplaced toys which naturally have to be played with. Then we have four hours of discussion, planning and complaining followed by the  actual thirty minutes of work. Payback can offer many ironic twists no matter how long it takes to even the slate. My mom had the same issues with me and I can almost hear her laughing from the heavens. Excuse me now while I pick up my hair that I pulled out!


Joanne and Ashley

The Celeb Photographer

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