Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter

You know it's going to be a "different" day when you wake up and turn on the television and the weather girl is wearing a yellow dress and bunny ears. Jesse Ritka from TMJ4 is always festive though so I shouldn't have been surprised. We chatted with her once at County Clare.

What a busy day. First to church then to lunch out in Mequon with Krissy's family. The upside down pineapple cake turned out pretty tasty. It looked like it fell off the roof for some reason so we brought a backup desert just in case. Everything was excellent and we hit a sunny 72 degrees today. I almost had to ditch my socks even with dress shoes on. It's been a lifelong love hate relationship between socks and me. I love them in the winter and hate them in the summer with a passion!

The Justin Bieber deportation petition apparently went nowhere despite more than 200,000 people signing the petition. The White House declined saying they didn't want to get involved in a specific deportation. With conflicts in Syria and Ukraine I can see their point as they have enough on their plate.. Let's hope the menace didn't hurl some Easter eggs at his neighbors house.

The Chicago Bulls are winning their playoff opener at halftime against the Washington Wizards. I think I'll cut off of a slice of key lime pie and watch the second half in my living room. Peace.

Had my morning OJ in this cool glass made from a Red Stripe bottle. Reminds me I have a Ronco glass cutter somewhere...would be cool to find that.....

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