Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sponge Bob Ripped Pants

Finally a great spring day. 55 degrees and sunny with basically no wind. I took a walk down to McKinley Marina and noticed there's a handful of boats already there. It usually doesn't get real busy until Memorial Day weekend.

It's the 50th anniversary for the Ford Mustang. I was more of a Camaro guy myself owning two of them. Fun cars to drive but they were terrible in the winter or even with a light rain. Congrats to Ford on the historical landmark.

The Cubs lost both games of a doubleheader yesterday to the New York Yankees. I'm not as upset that they lost both games but the fact that they didn't even score a run in either game is totally pathetic. They have a great farm system of young players and they better give a lot of them a chance pretty soon.

Coco had on the "ripped pants" episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants this morning while he was getting ready for school. It's a classic episode with Sponge Bob going around and singing then bending over and showing off his ripped pants. Coco still has his ripped pants Sponge Bob action figure. It does a little jig while singing then Sponge Bob bends over and his pants rip. He used to laugh at the top of his lungs over that when he was a toddler.

Krissy gave me a hard time for liking Sponge Bob but Sponge Bob was the only reason I could grab a quick shower when Coco was a toddler. As soon as the show would come on he would just stare at the television mesmerized. This gave me about 7 minutes to take a shower. Sponge Bob will always be a savior in my book. If only he could have helped me with baby bottles and poopy diapers!


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