Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Mount Everest Sherpas

At this rate if it keeps raining steady there will be some flood alerts fairly soon. It just won't let up but the weekend forecast is all sun. Just hold on and don't float away!

Congrats to water.org on helping 1.5 million people improve on water and sanitation conditions. I mentioned this organization several months ago and Matt Damon was on CNBC today helping raise awareness for this wonderful organization.

Craig Ferguson will be leaving the Late Late Show at the end of this year. I saw him about 7 years ago at the Pabst Theatre. It was a great show at a legendary ornate venue.

In celebration of her 88th birthday, author Harper Lee has agreed for her novel "To Kill a Mockingbird" to be released as an e-book. It's her only completed book but it sure is a classic.

Many mountain climbers are packing up and leaving the Mount Everest base camps very disappointed with no climb attempts. Probably not quite as disappointed as the 16 Sherpas who lost their lives in the April 18th avalanche.

The Nepali Sherpas are the famous guides who go ahead and fix climbing lines then come back and transport equipment and oxygen for the so called climbers who get all the media attention. If a climber is in danger they can count on the Sherpas to save them.

The Sherpas aren't officially on strike since the avalanche. They simply just quit showing up to lead climbers to the summit. It sounds like a tough job to me. No benefits, no glory, low pay and treacherous working conditions. If anyone needed a union, it has to be the Nepali Sherpas!


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