Monday, April 21, 2014

Tiki Bar Time

A bit rainy off and on today but it hit 70 degrees. I'm still upset about the Bulls losing their playoff opener last night. They couldn't hit a bucket the last 3 minutes but I still have faith. The Hawks play game 3 of their playoff series tonight and this will be one crucial hockey game.

Congrats to Boston Marathon winner Meb Keflezighi as he becomes the first american winner since Greg Meyer in 1983. Mebs time was a very respectable 2:08:37.

Speaking of rain, fresh water makes up only 2.5% of the water on earth. Analysts at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Research came out with a report warning that half of the world's population will be dealing with scarce water supplies by 2030. Certain parts of the world like California are dealing with it now. If you think California is a hoax or exaggeration do your own grocery shopping for a few weeks then come back and tell the analysts they are full of it. You won't because it's painfully obvious.

Water desalination plants are growing on both coasts at a rapid pace. It's a costly process to make salt water usable but the alternative of going without isn't a negotiable folly. I'm researching the best investment opportunities water desalination as I write. The heck with gold!

I went shopping 4 hours with Krissy looking at garden stuff like planters, pots, fire pits and an assortment of other items. Mostly just priced things and enhanced further ideas as this year will put the finishing touches on the backyard. I decided I will be building a tiki hut for sure. Anymore shopping will guarantee that I use it well!


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