Saturday, April 12, 2014

Watch Out for the Shoe

It's a rainy dreary day so far. Krissy went to Lake Geneva to hang out with her extended family. Just women folk actually. Lake Geneva is truly a beautiful town. Bob Newhart used to spend his summers there.

Rush Limbaugh is having his regularly scheduled hissy fit I see. He's up in arms that Stephen Colbert was chosen to replace David Letterman next year. He believes it's a full scale attack on traditional American values. Basically the same argument that was used on Elvis Presley in the 1950's. Not that Colbert is anywhere in the Kings ballpark. Limbaugh is quickly becoming a sad bitter man and has become more of a caricature than a true commentator this decade.

As much as I dislike 95% of congress and politicians in general, people just can't whip a shoe at them. That's exactly what happened to Hillary Clinton at the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas. It's a magnificent 5 star hotel and I've stayed there about 10 times over the years.

Throwing shoes at politicians in many countries is a traditional form of protest. It also happened to President Bush in 2008 in Iraq. No charges have been filed yet by the Clark County District Attorney's office against the perpetrator. If they don't file severe charges it will set a dangerous precedent.

It's a fairly slow day today. I'm trying to finish The Lost Symbol written by Dan Brown. It's a great book so far. He's known for doing tons of research for all his bestsellers including The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. Enjoy your weekend.


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