Monday, April 14, 2014

One Bad Conspiracy Theory

We've had heavy snow flurries on and off today. So far, it's not sticking but it has everyone in a sour mood none the less.

I usually like it when the Bears win, but not in Lake Mary, Florida where a woman was mauled by a black bear near her garage. It seems like everyone in Florida is packing heat in case the need arises to shoot unarmed teenagers except the one woman who truly needed it to protect herself from something truly dangerous.

Congrats to the Milwaukee Brewers for having the hottest start in baseball. If they can keep it up for the entire season I predict every professional team will scoop up a stray dog come next spring training.

More bad news for the Bitcoin investors. New York has indicted Bitcoin entrepreneur Charles Shrem for money laundering and he faces up to 20 years in prison. I'm pretty sure this isn't how Google started and I don't believe it's too early to order up some Bitcoin coffins.

Apparently, I misjudged Rush Limbaugh and over qualified him the other day when I suggested he's become nothing more than a caricature. I was totally wrong. The man is just a pure asshole and a leader of a small band of mindless idiots. Limbaugh has suggested that Hillary Clinton staged the shoe throwing incident in Las Vegas last week. That's right, apparently Clinton hired a woman to throw a shoe at her. The evidence for this baloney of a statement? None. Limbaugh even admits he hasn't seen a tape of the incident. What makes a human being suggest such mindless rants on another human being? Greed? Envy? Brainless? Oxycontin?


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