Friday, April 25, 2014

The Ass Clown Era

It's a beautiful spring day with a forecast of sunny and 66 degrees. I have such a dilemma tonight. Both the Bulls and Blackhawks start at 7pm tonight. We will have to head down to Replay as I'm sure a sports bar will have both games on.

Summerfest announced that Luke Bryan will be the headliner on Saturday June 28th. One more headliner to be announced.

The stock market continues with it's struggles as the Russian-Ukraine tensions stay heated. I wouldn't doubt if Putin is shorting the U.S. market and making some good coin on this as he yanks everyone's chain.

Two Russian intelligence ships are being monitored by U.S officials as they operate close to Cuba. Maybe Putin just needs some good Cuban cigars? It's like 1962 all over again. Russians in Cuba, drinking on Duval Street and the Cubs are still in last place!

I finally figured out the real reason that Compact Disc sales are at all time lows. It's not MP3 players, IPods or the return of vinyl records. It's quite simple actually. No one can get the damn things open as I just spent 10 minutes getting the security wrapper off my new Jimmy Buffett CD!

I can't figure out if it's the era of paranoia or the era of ass clowns? We've got newly crowned conservative folk hero Clive Bundy admitting he's a ranching welfare queen and obviously a bigot of the lowest common denominator while hating the government. Rush Limbaugh announces that he had ear surgery last week but told no one as he was afraid someone would sabotage his surgery. He hasn't been listening for years and no amount of surgeries would fix that. Then, we have always running for something Rick Santorum claiming that government is taking away freedom of religion. Last time I looked all the unguarded unchained churches had doors wide open with plenty of parishioners. No wonder Santorum keeps loosing elections. The vast majority passed up that parade and headed out to happy hour with me! 

Enjoy your weekend.


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