Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Six Million Dollar Man

A sunny but brisk 44 degree day as I walked to the Italian grocer down the block today. I noticed the grass is getting greener but no leaves on the trees yet. Every week is a big difference this time of year in the Great Midwest.

The Bulls lost a tough one last night in overtime. They couldn't make baskets in the 4th quarter again. It's going to be tough to dig themselves out of a two game deficit. Hopefully the Blackhawks keep up their tremendous play.

We watched the Morning Joe show on CNBC as they broadcast live from Wrigley Field. One hundred years ago today the very first game was played at the friendly confines. The outfield wall vines won't be green and full for a few more weeks which really adds to the overall old school feel of the ballpark.

Both Apple (AAPL) and Facebook (FB) posted extremely good first quarter earning reports after the closing bell on Wall Street today. Maybe consumer spending and advertising isn't dead after all.The doomsday parade can calm down a bit now.

The Six Million Dollar Man series premiered 40 years ago starring Lee Majors. It was based loosely on Martin Caidin's novel called Cyborg. Major's plays astronaut Steve Austin who was injured badly in a plane crash. He was rebuilt with bionic parts that cost six million dollars. Today, even adjusted for inflation it would only cost $900,000 to rebuild Steve Austin. Now if we could only get the cost of cable television to follow suit!


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