Saturday, May 10, 2014

Bike Trouble

A simply gorgeous saturday in Milwaukee. It started off with a minor bike problem. I had my childhood Huffy banana seat bike rebuilt in December for Coco. I've been hauling it around for years so finally plowed some money into it. He's very proud to have the old man's bike and it looks terrific. We went to ride it this morning and front tire problems. We took it to the shop right away and they repaired it no problem. The front tube was aligned inside the tire improperly. Some Kodak moments at the end of the blog.

The NFL draft continues for the third day. The non-household names are hearing their names called today. Many of them will turn out to be stars in the league.

The Blackhawks lost their second game in a row. The series is now tied at 2-2. Minnesota has no quit in them but I think the Hawks will rise to the occasion.

After Coco left we turned our attention to the yard again. Hung up some plant hooks on the house and put the bamboo fence back up. It's not easy being tropical in Wisconsin!

Gotta run now and fire up the grill. I've got some yard bird to cook!

The Huffy

Flying around

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