Friday, May 30, 2014

It's Sandal Time

What a beautiful day! A week or so ago I mentioned that we still needed some more leaves on the trees. I received my wish. Our backyard is officially the rainforest. We can barely see our back neighbor's house.

Game time is 8pm CST tonight for the Chicago Blackhawks. If they play ultra aggressive again they should be coming back to Chicago for the series finale. I think we'll try and catch it at Jacks Pub on Brady Street.

Krissy and I spent last night cleaning out the mud room. Beat out the rugs and mopped the floor. Then, box up everything that resembles a winter shoe or boot and replace them with flip flops and sandals. Midwest living is definitely more work but maybe that's why we enjoy and appreciate summer so much.

Katharine the great white shark now has 8000 followers on Twitter. I'm sure the folks at Twitter really appreciate that considering sharks can't really type let alone tweet. Her name is actually spelled K-a-t-h-a-r-i-n-e. Apparently, her mother was a bit unconventional or just wanted to mess with all the bloggers in the world. Congrats, it worked!

Warren Beatty is making his first movie in quite a long time. It's an untitled biographical picture about Howard Hughes. Martin Sheen has also joined the cast. I'm sure it will be a while before it's released but I can't wait to see it.

Ok, gotta run now to grab a good seat for the game. Such a tough decision now. What sandals does one wear to watch a hockey game?


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