Thursday, May 22, 2014

Katherine the Shark

The Blackhawks had their butts handed to them last night losing 6-2. The series is now even at 1 game all. I'm not sure which is worse?  I thought the game was tuesday night and spent nearly an hour looking for it on television before I figured out I looked at the playoff schedule wrong. Or, the Hawks blowing a 2-0 lead and completely falling apart in the third period.

Krissy had a rough and rushed morning. First, she couldn't find a pony tail holder. Then, she couldn't find her sunglasses. When I kindly pointed out that the sunglasses were on her head she didn't really have any gracious comments for yours truly as she walked out the door.

The Cleveland Cavaliers will be drafting number one overall in the NBA draft next month. The Milwaukee Bucks will be drafting second. It's going to take more than one great college player to turn these teams around very fast.

There's a great white shark that has been tagged and hanging off the Florida Keys. Whenever her dorsal appears above the water her position is known via a GPS satellite. There's speculation that Katherine might be pregnant due to the angle she is swimming at. Interesting stuff indeed. What I find even more fascinating is the Katherine the Shark has 4000 Twitter followers!

I promised a couple stories from yesterday's blog about my mom. Both of them were when I was 14 years old. On the last day of school my friends and I bought a flashlight and decided to explore the city sewers. After about 2 hours we came up thru a manhole on a parkway by the shopping plaza. Just as I resurfaced a yellow Chrysler Cordoba drove by and slammed on it's brakes. It's a small town but my timing was impeccable as it was my mom. She was wondering what was going on. I explained the situation and informed her that I was really coming out ahead as I pitched in the most money for the flashlight so I got to keep it. She drove away laughing. She was probably wondering how I graduated 8th grade!

A few months later we were driving thru Las Vegas and spent the night. All my family members were gambling and I was just watching from a rail at the Las Vegas Hilton. My mom called me over and had me pull the handle of the slot machine she was playing. She told me the casino was very lenient and had me pull the handle a few more times. Suddenly, a very large security man tapped me on the shoulder and read me the riot act. I was going to tell the angry man that my mother was with me but suddenly she was gone. She was 50 feet away walking down the aisle looking over her shoulder laughing her head off. I just held in a smile and accepted the angry lecture. Not a sewer in site to crawl into!


my mom

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