Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Kangaroo Danger Alert In Canberra

It's been an overcast day for the most part. It looks like rain but the sky really only opened up once for about 10 minutes. It's been great for the brand new ground cover in the front yard.

I was up for maybe 30 minutes this morning when I saw a motorcycle flying down our street. It was a crotch rocket type and he barely negotiated the turn. A squad car was in hot pursuit with his lights on. It appears the motorcycle escaped our neighborhood but I never heard if he was apprehended later or not. Exciting stuff so early.

The Blackhawks dropped their third game in a row last night. They played well the second half but just dug themselves into a hole early in the game. One more loss and the season is over. Can they win 3 games in a row? They did last year against the Detroit Red Wings so we shall see.

Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook is basically a wanted man in Iran. A southern Iranian judge has ordered Zuckerberg to appear before his court for violation of privacy rights via Facebook services. Somehow, I think Zuckerberg will be a no show as I've heard thru the grapevine that he likes his head.

There appears to be a kangaroo problem in Canberra, Australia which is the nation's capitol. Kangaroos are taking over the streets and camping out in people's lawns and parks. It sounds quite a bit like Wisconsin's deer problem.

Deer usually run crazy with a bit of noise but the kangaroos seem to have a habit of actually running into pedestrians, bikers, and runners. After so many injuries, government officials have hired professional "roo shooters" to thin the herd a bit. They pay a bounty of about $230 per kangaroo. I can almost see the Wisconsin hunters going down under very very soon!


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