Friday, May 2, 2014

Landscapers Paradise

I took a walk to the bank today about a 2 mile jaunt. Overcast but at least it was warm and dry. No leaves on the trees yet but all the grass that abuts the sidewalks is totally dead. I think so much salt was used this winter that it couldn't handle it and died. The rest of the grass has turned very green with all the rain. It's going to be a good spring for ambitious landscapers I believe.

The Labor Department released the monthly jobs report and 288,000 new jobs were added in April. The unemployment rate dropped to 6.3% which is still too high. The March numbers were also revised up which makes the stock market drop that day even more meaningless. All the analysts will argue these statistics for a week now but there's always over reaction to all these reports.

More tension in the Ukraine today put the stock market in a neutral wave. A couple of helicopters were shot out of the sky and more Russian troops accumulating on the border. Putin seems to be enjoying himself in the spotlight.

I'm a bit sore from working out yesterday as it's been a while. I did the P90X system last fall and was in pretty good shape. Then, I developed tendinitis in my shoulder along with a foot problem which put me on the shelf mid-january. Overall, I've seemed to heal up enough to continue in my anti-aging efforts!

The Cubs won their second game in a row today! It's a shame fans get excited about this but when your team is simply awful it's all we've got. Thankfully, the Blackhawks start their second round playoff series tonight against the Minnesota Wild. Go Hawks!


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