Monday, May 12, 2014

Rodizio Grill

A quick get well to Jim Guthrie. He had an unfortunate incident with a table saw today. Rebuilding that Airstream might take a bit longer now but don't rush back to soon. Once your pain is gone I'm sure I'll come up with some good "lefty" jokes.

A big win for the Blackhawks last night. They lead the series 3-2. They can wrap up the second round tomorrow night with a win.

A huge day in all facets of the stock market today. I'm guessing it comes back to earth a little bit tomorrow with any hint of negative news or a Putin sneeze in the Ukraine.

I've been watching The Profit starring Marcus Lemonis. He uses his own money to turn around struggling or under performing small businesses. Today he invested heavily in a New Jersey ice cream company.  I'm amazed at some of the mistakes the little guys make. Then again, I'm amazed at some of the mistakes the big guys make like the London Whale incident in the banking industry.

It's been a rainy day with sporadic thunderstorms. Krissy is the Queen of Groupons. We've had a boat load lately but tonight we are using the last one at the Rodizio Grill ( It's a Brazilian Steakhouse with meat served off giant skewers. What's not to like. Red wine and tons of red meat!


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