Friday, May 23, 2014

It's Bullfighting Season

It's a cool, sunny, crisp day. Warm weather won't come until tomorrow. Coco has the day off from school. It's been plenty of bike riding and eating everything in the house. Overall, a pretty good day.

Putin is having a hissy fit that sanctions against Russia are starting to hurt. Good! I'm finally making some coin in the stock market and he's been hurting me plenty with his BS.

A big welcome to the United Arab Emirates as they become the 18th country to visit my blog!

The Blackhawks don't play again until saturday night. Coach Quenneville will make sure they don't have a collapse like game 2 again. I'll guarantee that. Too much talent and pride on this team!

The San Isidro Bullfighting Festival is going on now. So far, the bulls have had a rather strong showing taking out 3 bullfighters with injuries. My grandfather went to a bullfight once in Mexico. It was in the 1920's with some high school buddies. They drank a lot of tequila and started rooting for the bulls. Not only did they get kicked out of the arena but the Federales escorted them out of town. Bullfighting is no joke!

I'm not sure what we'll do tonight as we have a big day tomorrow. I'm sure we'll make it to a happy hour. Tomorrow we have to plant some ground cover in the front yard and cut down some tree branches in the backyard. Then we have to remove the broken dishwasher and make a run to the city dump. Also, we have to make final color choices for the deck and hit the paint store before their big sale ends. Yep, I'm finding a happy hour somewhere!


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