Monday, May 5, 2014

Rodriguez Is Coming

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Sunny but brisk today. Krissy went to Illinois with her mom today to shop at Ikea. That should be interesting when she gets back.

The rare goblin shark was caught 15 miles south of Key West last week. It made national news as it's estimated that only about 20 people in the world have laid eyes on this type of shark which typically stays very deep in the ocean. This one was caught by a shrimper who dropped his trawling net down to a depth of 1700 feet. The shrimper took a photo of the ugly mug then promptly released the 18 foot monster.

It sounds like a Kentucky Derby bound bachelor party was derailed of a good time. Some guys rented a motor home north of Minneapolis for the journey. They made a stop in south Minnesota to pick up some friends when the unthinkable happened. When they moved some luggage to another storage compartment they discovered a dead body. The police confiscated the motor home and all luggage for a crime scene investigation. Hard to get your party on after an episode like that I imagine.

Rodriguez is coming to the legendary Riverside Theatre on Friday May 16th. I'm going to try and make this show. Rodriguez is the subject of the Academy Award winning documentary 'Searching for Sugarman.' Sixto Rodriguez is a Detroit native who had 2 unsuccessful records despite being compared to Bob Dylan by the critics in the 60's. He became a best selling artist in South Africa and became a folk hero unbeknownst to anyone in the United States including himself. A false rumor led many South African people to believe that he had passed away. One of his daughters ran across a website dedicated to his memory and she notified officials in South Africa that he was alive and well. He's actually sold more records in South Africa than Elvis Presley. It's a fascinating documentary and Rodriguez is alive and playing music again. I can't wait.


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